In order to make notable location for the gas station, the owners turned to advertising agency Media Design for manufacturing illuminated totem in Pirdop. The advertising is done individually, considering with the specific needs of the client.

We from advertising agency Media Design manufactured, designed and mounted illuminated advertising totem for gas station BV Fuels and Gas at Pirdop.

The totem BV Fuels and Gas gives new appearance to the gas station

Located in Bulgaria, Pirdop, the gas station needed illuminated informative totem. The colors used for the advertisement are blue and white, in order to give the right information to the consumers and to be even more noticeable from a far distance.

For it’s manufacturing we used double-sided aluminum profile, that is specifically made for acrylic. It’s strong and it looks stunning, which contributes for the good-looking advertising totem.

The color and design is filled by the help of a high quality film for illuminated advertisement of the American company , while Media Design is official authorized manufacturer. That guarantees long-lasting life and a perfect looking design of ours advertising products.

Bright LED illumination with efficient illuminated modules

The totem at a gas station BV wouldn’t be so representative, if it wasn’t for our high-quality illumination modules. The advertising totem comes with these sizes 3m height and 1.2m length, while his depth being 1.7m. That helped us to use efficient LED modules, which makes the illuminated advertisement efficient and also very bright. The illuminated modules, which we use for the bright light are from G.O.Q LED. They provide long-lasting life of the advertising totem, including 3 years of full warranty.

Manufactured and mounted that way, the illuminated totem at gas station BV Fuels and Gas at Pirdop will promote the business of the client for years to come, without worrying about the working functionality and its outside look.

Client:  BV Fuels and gas

Date:  February 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Pirdop