G&V logistics is a fast-growing company, which, through its headway-focused policy, has successfully ranked amongst the leaders in logistics. With its experienced and multilingual team, G&V Logistics will plan, store and deliver your goods anywhere in Europe using first-rate trucks.

The company’s management trusted Media Design Advertising Agency to manufacture channel letters and logo for the facade of their building.

Channel letters and logo G&V Logistics

We created the channel letters for G&V Logistics with Alurapid system. The advertising products are with aluminum pages and a Plexiglass face. They are mounted on strong and durable stainless steel construction – resistant to adverse meteorological conditions like a strong wind, snow, and rain.

The logo we created from 19mm PVC. Afterward, we wrapped it with high-quality 3M film with the company’s colors. Our team installed it forward with spacers.

Trustworthy LED lighting

The channel letters Transport Group Bulgaria are lightened up with LED modules by the Korean company G.O.Q LED. For more than 7 years we work with proven manufactures that provide uncompromising quality, durability, and effectiveness.

These days LED lighting became a trend due to the innovative technologies they are made with. No doubt, LED’s are more economical and saves up to 85% of electricity costs.

Client: G&V Logistics

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv