We constructed an illuminated advertising sign for Aquarium & iPet store in Mall Sofia. Our clients are focused on selling aquariums and equipment, in their store you can find the perfect pet for you and purchase all the needed accessories.

Aquarium Mall Sofia advertised with a creative illuminating sign

We created a composite panel sign for Aquarium Mall Sofia. The sign is black, which makes the white channel letters stand out. The Plexiglas is suitable for creating attractive advertising installations. This can be seen on the Aquarium & iPet in which the “i” is designed in the shape of a bone toy. The sign is illuminated with embedded G.O.Q. LED lighting.

3M translucent film for attractive ads

We used 3M Scotchcal 2330 translucent film for the branding of the face of the channel letters. The entire ad is designed in consideration of the company’s field of interest.

Client:  Aquarium Mall Sofia

Date:  October 2017

Warranty: 3 year

Location: Sofia