We are extremely proud of the high regard given to us by chef Petrov Yankov. We manufactured different advertising installations for his restaurant in Sofia – Petrus Restaurant & Bar. For us, it was a challenge to complete all 4 unique ads with the logo of the restaurant. Regardless of the complexity of the project, the professionals from Media Design did an excellent job. As a result, Petrus restaurant received elegant and lasting illuminated channel letters, all completed by the given deadline.

Acrylic channel letters with alluring illumination for Petrus Sofia

Because of the complexity of the font and the size of the inscription, we manufactured acrylic channel letters. This material allows the creation of thin and small details, such as the ones of Petrus’ logo. The illuminated inscriptions are manufactured likewise, the only difference is in the size. The Petrus sign is made from two types of Plexiglas.

The returns are made from black Plexiglas that blocks the light and ensures more attractive illumination. On the inside, we applied a 3M White Block-out Film in order to increase the illuminating effect even more. The face is made from white Plexiglas and is applied with 3M 2330 Red Translucent FilmThe rectangular box is manufactured in a similar way to the illuminated acrylic sign but with embossed letters Restaurant & Bar. The face is applied with the 3M 2330 Translucent film. The channel letters are made from 4mm white and 10mm clear Plexiglas

High-quality LED lighting for lasting ads

The letters Petrus Sofia are brightly illuminated by the world leader in this industry G.O.Q. LED. Another advantage of the LED’s is the fact that they ensure safe and lasting advertising installations. They are with a 3-year full warranty, but in reality, they can last up to 7 years before maintenance is required.

Client:  Petrus Restaurant Sofia

Date:  December 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia