TinPro is one of the most modern ink factories, which meets the highest quality standards, combined with maximum flexibility and capabilities. Uses modern production lines with the latest technologies to achieve the goals and vision of continuous development in a sustainable environment.

The company entrusted the responsible task of implementing the project for outdoor illuminated advertising to Media Design Advertising Agency.

Illuminated channel letters for TinPro

Our team created for TinPro an illuminated channel letters. The advertising products present the established company vision. The three-dimensional letters PRO are created with a plexiglass face and aluminum pages. It is no coincidence that we use this material, its quality and durability have been tested over time. When making illuminated aluminum channel letters, it is typical that the client receives advertising with a long life and durability.

Stand out with illuminated advertising!

The advertising products for TinPro were illuminated with high-class LED modules from the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. They are proven to be durable, energy saving and safe. Their innovative technology is suitable for both signs and channel letters. In both cases there is a bright and evenly lit advertisement that will set you apart from the rest.

Client:  TinPro

Date: April 2018

Warranty: 3 years

City: Parvenets