Vision Club in Plovdiv is a nice place to meet your friends during the day. At night the club offers energetic music and enjoying atmosphere. The outside bar of the club received a more attractive vision after we branded it with illuminated lettering.

Channel letters Heineken above the outside bar

When the whole process of producing the advertising channel letters is performed by professionals, the durability and seamless operation period of the letters is guaranteed. An other important detail from the project execution is the quality of the materials.

As we were keeping these producing rules we elaborated illuminated channel letters Heineken for the outside bar of Vision Club. The channel letters and the registered trademark symbol ® are made of white acrylic. On the ® symbol is wrapped red translucent film 3M. The star at the Heineken logo is made of red acrylic. The indoor lettering was mounted on a strong metal construction above the outside bar.

The illuminated acrylic channel letters are suitable for branding night clubs. The material provides a precise assembly for a perfect look at the advertising. The Heineken letters are illuminated with reliable G.O.Q. LED modules. All the quality materials for producing the Vision Club’s letters increase their durability and safety.

Eye-catching channel letters

The illuminated channel letters improved the interior of Vision Club making it more impressive. The eye-catching lettering grabs the visitors attention, presenting the well-known beer brand Heineken.

Client:  Club Vision

Date:  October 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv