Fresh Market Galaxy is situated on ul. General Zaymov 31, Karlovo. There you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy foods and drinks for every taste. They also offer fruit and vegetable salads, both ready-packaged and per kilogram, which are instantly made.

And of course, everybody’s favorite fresh fruit drinks. The Fresh Market Galaxy’s management trusted Media Design Advertising Agency to create illuminated channel letters for the facade of the store.

Illuminated channel letters and logo for Fresh Market Galaxy

For Fresh Market Galaxy manufactured illuminated channel letters with Alurapid system. This kind of advertising product is made in cases where the channel letters must be of larger size. The letters are made with Plexiglass face and Aluminum pages. The logo was manufactured in the same style and wrapped with high-quality 3M vinyl.

Advertising products of this type are resistant to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and wind. In addition, aluminum does not corrode, which is a prerequisite for advertising to maintain its good appearance for years. Often the aluminum channel letters remain intact even after 10 years. They do not require maintenance, which in turn saves each owner time and money.

The good advertisement is the illuminated one

To make sure that the channel letters with a plexiglass face and aluminum pages will be noticeable during the dark part of the day, we illuminated them with LED modules. For Fresh Market Galaxy store we used LEDs from the reliable and quality Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. They are guaranteed to be durable and safe, as their high quality prolongs the life of advertising products.

Client: Fresh Market Galaxy

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 4 years

City: Karlovo