The company KA Systems specializes in the development of electrical installations for various areas of business, construction of photovoltaic plants, video surveillance and intelligent lighting. With a team of experienced specialists, the company provides quality service and reliable maintenance of the installed systems.

Central base branding with illuminated roof advertising

The management of KA Systems asked us to create a durable and secure outdoor advertisement for the company’s base in the village of Markovo. We made illuminatd channel letters with aluminum pages and a Plexiglas face – a channel letters system with proven quality and strength. We mounted the inscription on the roof of the building so that it could be seen from afar and guide the company’s customers and partners. We also installed the inscription “electrical installations” on the facade, which is embossed PVC letters.

Thanks to the flexible aluminum system, we seamlessly recreated the logo as chanel letters. The inscription “KA” has a face of blue Plexiglas, and “systems” of white, and they light up in these colors respectively. For their illumination, we used the Korean LED modules G.O.Q. LED, which guarantees safety and effectiveness of the advertisement.

No compromise on quality

Media Design specializes in the mnufacturing of outdoor advertisements. Our production base has the necessary equipment and a team of professionals to provide advertising signs, channel letters and totems with high quality and perfect appearance. We exclusively use materials and products from reliable manufacturers, enabling us to provide a 3 to 5-year warranty. We pay attention to even the smallest details , ensuring that our clients receive representative and long-lasting advertising. We can offer a variety of options for the presentation of any type of business, according to the specific requirements, location and budget of the client.

Client:  KA Systems

Date: February 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Markovo village, reg. Plovdiv