For over 20 years MEXON Ltd. has held a leading position in the Bulgarian market. With its many years of experience and professionalism in the field of household chemicals, the company is a symbol and guarantee of quality. The established name of the company makes their products a preferred choice. MEXON Ltd. offers the full range of specialized and universal products to provide high hygiene and comfort both at home and in professional fields.

Illuminated channel letters and logo Medix

MEXON Ltd. trusted the Advertising Agency Media Design for channel letters and logos production for the facade of their building. For large ads that require roof installation, we usually recommend the Alurapid system. The channel letters are created with a plexiglass face and aluminum pages.

The strong construction is durable and resistant to adverse meteorological conditions like rain, snow, and wind. Another big advantage of aluminum letters is that they do not require maintenance and saves money and time for their owners.

Visible even at night

To make sure the advertisement will be visible even at night, we illuminated it with LED modules. Once again we trusted Korean company G.O.Q LED, which is one of the world leaders in this field. The high-quality modules guarantee long service life and the required safety.

Client:  Medix

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv