Illuminated channel letters and double-sided illuminated sign with arrow for Perun store in Stara Zagora

Perun 24-hour open store in Stara Zagora already welcomes its customers with illuminated channel letters at the entrance. The unique vision is made of two advertising products with the name of the store in Bulgarian and English.

The installation was carried out along the building, and the key point is the formation of an angle when placing the two inscriptions. Where the channel letters meet, we put a high vertical illuminated vinyl sign “NON STOP”. It is two-sided and is clearly visible from both directions.

And to eradicate any doubt that Perun store could go unnoticed, we added a double-sided illuminated arrow under the sign pointing to the store.

Plexiglas for fine details and impressive effect

Plexiglass channel letters are one of the most common advertising products. Many of our customers prefer them because of the strength of the material. In addition, plexiglass is flexible and allows the creation of almost any shape. However, it is recommended that the size of the desired volumetric letters be less than 80 cm.

We illuminate them with LED modules of the Korean – G.O.Q. LED or American SloanLED.

Relying on our many years of experience and the quality of the material used, we give between 3 and 5 years a full warranty on the channel letters. Media Design has a specialized workshop for Plexiglas and PVC, where we turn ideas into reality and give life into each assigned project.

Aluminum profiles and vinyl for strength and quality

For the production of the vertical illuminated sign, our team of professionals uses aluminum profiles in combination with vinyl canvas.

Vinyl as a material is lighter than the plexiglas. This is a prerequisite for creating lighter signs and installing them in high and/or hard-to-reach places. Regardless of its weight, the advertising product made of aluminum profiles with vinyl is extremely strong.

Client: Perun

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Stara Zagora