Riv Systems (Riv Systems OOD) is a company that offers cash registers of the Daisy, Datecs, and Tremol brands, as well as a wide range of computer equipment and video surveillance systems. In addition to high-quality products, Riv Systems also provides IncoPOS software for sales management in various retail sites. Due to the growth of the business, the company built a new, modern office building, which required quality and representative outdoor advertising. That’s why the management asked us to create illuminated channel letters with the company’s logo.

The facade of the new company building stood out with a stylish illuminated inscription

We produced Riv Systems’ illuminated channel letters with Alurapid pages and a blue Plexiglas face. The advertising letters have spacers, which we used to install them at a distance from the facade. This created additional volume and made the ad stand out even more.

Aluminum channel letters are suitable for heavier applications such as roof and facade advertising, where weather conditions have a strong impact. That is why they are among the most sought-after in the industry. Besides being stable and durable, the lettering is attractive and elegant.

High-class LED lighting for long-lasting and effective advertisement

For Riv Systems’ outdoor advertisement, we used the highest quality LED modules for illuminated channel letters on the market – those of the American company SloanLED. We installed SloanLED Prism24 Mini LED modules, which made the channel letters shine brightly, efficiently, and seamlessly. The unique lens with a patented system of micro prisms provides a 180° angle of light. With the SloanLED Prism24 Mini, very thin and shallow channel letters can be illuminated with a minimum number of modules, which minimum number of modules speeds up the installation process and reduces the cost of producing each channel letter.

Thanks to the SloanLED modules, the company’s advertisement is backed by a three-year warranty and a ten-year warranty for LED lighting

Client: Riv Systems

Date: February 2023

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv