Maritsa is one of the most popular newspapers in Bulgaria. The beginning was set on July 25, 1878 in the Hristo G. Danov printing house , who was also its publisher. Over the years, the newspaper has remained a popular and reliable informant, covering the recent news from Plovdiv and the regions, Bulgaria and the world, in sports, politics, business, culture and the show events.

For the creation of an outdoor illuminated advertisement at the Maritsa office in Plovdiv, the management turned to the Media Design Advertising Agency.

Illuminated channel letters with aluminum pages “Maritsa”

Advertising letters are made with aluminum pages and a red Plexiglas face . The design of the products recreates the recognizable font and style of “Maritsa”. Our team performed the illumination of aluminum letters with high-class diodes – G.O.Q LED. The final vision thus obtained shines brightly, evenly and can be seen from afar, attracting the attention of passers-by.

Why Aluminum pages?

Aluminum is known for its benefits. The material does not corrode, which helps maintain its good appearance for years. It is strong and resistant to adverse weather conditions and is therefore used for advertising that requires installation on facades or roofs. It is also an excellent choice for channel letters with more impressive sizes.

Client:  „Maritsa”

Date:  December 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv