For more than 20 years Vaki Chim Ltd. has established itself as a reputable company for fertilizers on the Bulgarian market in the agricultural sector. Working closely with major fertilizer manufacturers, Vaki Chem Ltd. imports and distributes a wide range of water-soluble fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, chelates, as well as nutrients for crop production and agriculture.

Channel letters with Plexiglas face and aluminum pages

When installing advertising products on roofs or hard-to-reach places, we recommend channel letters with Plexiglas face and aluminum pages. These materials allow the creation of letters up to 2 meters in size, which are durable and resistant to wind, rain, and snow. The aluminum channel letters do not corrode, and this saves their good appearance for years.

The logo and the created channel letters for Vakichim correspond entirely to the company colors and are produced with attention to the smallest detail. Our experienced team of professionals designed and installed advertising products in a way that can be seen from afar.

Reliable and energy-saving LED lighting

We once again trusted the Korean company G.O.Q LED to illuminate the channel letters. Bright and reliable, these LED modules are extremely practical and energy-saving, compared to ordinary fluorescent lamps. G.O.Q. LED also guarantees safety by eliminating the possibility of spontaneous fires.

Client: VakiChim Ltd

Date: August 2019

Warranty:  3 years

City: Parvenets village