CORRECT – 2012 Ltd. is a trading company specializing in the supply and maintenance of service equipment for diesel cars, auto parts, batteries, motor oils and car accessories. They are the official representative of the products of DAYEL Turkey, a proven leader in the production of service equipment for diagnostics and repair of diesel fuel systems in cars and trucks.

Channel letters with Plexiglass face and Aluminum pages

Korect 2012 management trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for manufacturing a channel letters for their store. For this type of project, for larger than 80cm channel letters, we usually use the proven Alurapid system. The overall strength of the construction and the used high-quality materials help the advertising products to have longer service life.

The channel letters face is made of Plexiglass and the color is fully compliant to company’s requirements. The letters with aluminum pages do not need maintenance and are extremely practical for every business.

High-quality LED lighting suitable for every business

For illuminating the channel letters Korect 2012, we used high-quality LED modules from proven Korean company G.O.Q LEDThe modules guarantee safe and durable installations. They prolong the life of the advertising installations.

Client: Korect 2012

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Karlovo