In T MARKET supermarket chain you will always find fresh meat processed in their own workshops, attractively low prices and the right value for money. Their management trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of an illuminated sign in Panagyurishte for their store.

Illuminated T-MARKET sign, Panagyurishte with a system of aluminum profiles

Our team made a corner illuminated flexible face sign with vinyl. The vinyl is perfectly stretched with the help of specialized aluminum profiles for illuminated signs. Thanks to them, the assembly is fine and precise, which determines its excellent appearance.

Apart from being elegant, the product is strong and durable. The special system with aluminum is practically eternal, as the material does not corrode and does not require maintenance. This in turn guarantees peace of mind for years.

The face of the illuminated sign is perfectly illuminated, thanks to the bright G.O.Q. LED and perfectly stretched vinyl with  3M 3630 Translucent Film. The sign in Panagyurishte has a high durability and at least 10 years of trouble-free life.

Client:  Supermarket T-market

Date:  May 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Panagyurishte