For over 25 years, has been developing its business by trading new and second-hand laptops, gaming computers and business computers, hardware, tablets, smartphones, network and server equipment, software, and related services.

They recently opened a new store in Plovdiv at 35 Maria Luiza Street, and the company’s management trusted Media Design Advertising Agency to create a distinctive vision.

Illuminated sign with aluminum profiles and vinyl for

The advertising product for is created according to the trustworthy system with vinyl and aluminum profiles. For the face, we used Panagraphics III – vinyl canvas from the most renowned manufacturer in the industry – 3M. The special aluminum profiles have been painted and, apart from their aesthetically pleasing appearance, are distinguished by their strength.

To illuminate the sign we used high-class G.O.Q LED with a Samsung chip. We have been offering them to our customers for more than 7 years, as we have made sure of their qualities and durability.

Is there perpetual advertisement?

In the production of illuminated flexible face signs, Advertising Agency Media Design gives a minimum warranty of 3 years. However, the materials which we make the products create a prerequisite for a much longer and trouble-free life. The aluminum with which the overall construction of the plate is formed does not corrode, which practically makes it eternal. It often happens that the signs created by us fulfill their application for more than 10 years, and the service requests after that are minimal.


Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv