Medical Center “Etika” is a multidisciplinary medical center, accessible to all, with the most innovative medical equipment. There you will be welcomed by over 25 selected practitioners, doctors and therapists with international experience.

The management of the medical center trusted Media Design Advertising Agency to build an advertising vision.

Illuminated flexible face sign with aluminum profiles and vinyl – Medical Center “Etika”

The advertising product is made of high quality vinyl canvas by 3M – the world leader in the field of industrial materials. 3M Panagraphics III is a translucent, dimensionally stable, flexible vinyl canvas with a semi-gloss finish for durable, illuminated signs and letters. Provides excellent light flux distribution.

The sign body is made entirely of aluminum. This material is proven to be strong, resistant and non-corrosive and even after 10-15 years it looks great.

This type of illuminated flexible face signs allow easy and quick change of the face, as well as subsequent processing of the already made sign in another size.

Illumination with LED modules – durable and cost-effective

High-class LED modules from the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED were used to illuminate the sign. Their technology fits any illuminated product. These diodes are durable and stable, without creating a risk of fire.

By choosing quality and proven materials, Media Design Advertising Agency produces effective and strong advertisements that will serve its owner for years to come.

Client: Medical Center “Etika”

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv