Corner Shop is one of the most attractive and modern stores in Plovdiv. They offer their customers a variety of fast-moving goods – coffee, fresh fruit, alcohol – imported and Bulgarian at attractive prices. Their newly opened site at 4 Brezovska Street next to the Novotel Hotel received three illuminated flexible face signs.

Illuminated flexible face sign with aluminum profiles

To create the three illuminated flexible face signs, we used aluminum, with which we built the entire structure. All additional supports and columns are also made of this material. The back of the signs is made of aluminum sheet, which is an excellent reflector. In fact, the material does not corrode, the received advertising products have an indefinite long life over 15 years.

Advertising agency Media Design uses vinyl canvases from the American manufacturer 3M for this type of advertising. When we add quality 3M translucent film, we get a product with a 4-year warranty.

We have ensured that the lighting of the signs is durable, energy-saving and safe. We installed LED modules from the Korean company G.O.Q LED.

Quality at an affordable price

One of the most profitable Media Design Advertising Agency products are the illuminated signs with flexible face. They are significantly cheaper than channel letters or bond signs. Also, the used materials are with exceptional strength and quality, which guarantees a long service life.

Client:  Corner Shop

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv