Bultex 99 is one of the leading companies in the country for manufacturing safety equipment and work clothing. They are distributors of leading European brands and have stores throughout the entire country and offer their clients a great diversity of high-quality products.
We designed outdoor advertising installations for their location in Ruse. In addition, we mounted two large signs – one on the corner and the other on the entrance of the showroom, as well as one small sign on one of the sides of the building.

Large corner sign for Bultex 99

The corner sign mounted through the entire length of the store. This increases the visibility and recognition of the brand.

We manufactured large ad made from aluminum sign systems and perfectly stretched vinyl banner. On top of the banner, we applied 3M film designed for illuminated signage, with which we printed the white graphics highlighting the business field of interest of the company. We also used red, black, and orange film. These colors contribute to the effect of the ad and attract the attention of passers-by. Thanks to the embedded G.O.Q. LED lighting the ad has the same visual effect during the night as well.

Illuminated advertising sign for Bultex 99

The other sign is also with aluminum sign systems and a vinyl banner with embedded LED lighting.
Both signs reach the maximum effect – they are visible from a great distance, illuminated at night, and they stand out and distinguish the facade of the store. Besides that, they popularize the activity of the firm.

Client:  Bultex 99 

Date:  July 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Ruse