The first Lily store opened in Sofia in 2010. Ten years later, they became a big chain with over 85 stores across the country. They offer decorative and white cosmetics, organic products, products for mother and baby, accessories, household chemicals, food additives and more. Their mission is to deliver quality service, a high degree of customer satisfaction and comfort and their own brands with high quality with affordable price.

Illuminated flexible face sign with aluminum profiles

Advertising agency Media Design created for Lily an Illuminated flexible face sign with aluminum profiles. We use a specialized aluminum profile, which forms the overall structure. The manufactured sign is not blown by the wind and there is no danger of premature rupture or damage due to adverse weather conditions.

We trust the proven American company 3M when choosing materials, and in combination with the durable aluminum profiles, we get sustainable and effective advertising. Aluminum does not corrode, and this is a prerequisite for the advertising product to maintain its good appearance for years.

We illuminated the advertisement with energy-saving LED modules of the Korean company G.O.Q.LED. The high quality of the modules contributes to the long service life of the product.

Is Illuminated flexible face sign suitable for your business?

Illuminated flexible face signs are suitable if you want the length of the sign to be greater than 3 meters or the height to be over 70 cm, when creating corner signs with external or internal corners, very large signs or if light and at the same time strong advertising is needed.

Client:  Lily Drogerie

Date:  August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Varna