For more than 24 years we have been maintaining a successful partnership with New Style Ltd, more popular as Styler. The man fashion brand Styler is a leader in its industry with high-quality clothing and accessories. The team consists of young, creative, and ambitious professionals with clever ideas and a sense of fashion and exquisite style.

As a fast-growing business New Style needed to expand its production base in Plovdiv for more efficiency. At the end of 2014, a new and larger factory was opened. Media Design branded the building with stylish lettering. Styler channel letters are produced in durable and elegant technology for channel letters.

Illuminated logo Styler for the new factory in Plovdiv

To produce the outdoor advertisement for “New Style” we used the channel letters system – an aluminum returns and acrylic face. We mounted the illuminated signage on a strong metal construction on the roof where the channel letters will be exposed to unfavorable weather conditions: high-temperature amplitudes, humidity, wind. The Alurapid system guarantees the channel letters high resistance and a long-term service without changes in their look.

We used the same colors 3M translucent film as these in the Styler logo. The LED illumination of the channel letters from one of the largest manufacturing companies – G.O.Q. LED. These LED modules ensure high energy efficiency and uniformly bright lighting. So the illuminated channel letters of the factory help for better visibility of the building and Styler brand awareness.

Precise and elegant manufacturing technology for channel letters

The system made of acrylic and Alurapid is suitable for roof and facade installations when the letter height is between 80 cm and 2 meters. The precise assembly and the quality LED illumination ensure from 3 to 5 years warranty for the aluminum channel letters. The outdoor advertise produced in this technology guarantees reliability and long-lasting life to our clients.

Client:  New Style Ltd

Date:  November 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv