PYRAMIS’s mission is to develop and provide integrated kitchen and bathroom solutions characterized by high quality and functional design. PYRAMIS currently exports 97% of its production to 65 countries. In addition, it has established subsidiaries in 8 countries in Europe.

The company turned to Advertising Agency Media Design for the production of illuminated advertising products for their building.

Illuminated logo and back-lit channel letters for Pyramis

The illuminated company logo was made with a face of 3M Panagraphics III vinyl canvas, covered with 3M Scotchcal 2330 film and pages of an aluminum system for illuminated signs.

The backlit channel letters Pyramis are created from painted stainless steel. This type of backlit advertising products are an excellent solution for image advertising. They are brought forward from the base with the help of spacers and so this spectacular halo glow is obtained.

Introduce your business to the world

When making outdoor advertising, channel letters are an important element, as they grab the attention of passers-by the most. Advertising agency Media Design produces illuminated and non-illuminated letters, offering our clients a wide variety of options for implementation. Our priority is to create ads with attractive design and excellent functionality.

Client:  Pyramis

Date: April 2017

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv