Illuminated menu for Cool&Hott, Sveti Vlas

The illuminated menu that we produced for Bar&Dinner Cool&Hott, located in Sveti Vlas, is manufactured with the best production technology – aluminum sign systems. This profile system appears to be the most practical solution for illuminated signs that are going to be viewed from up close. Besides their perfect appearance, the profiles are easy to assemble and guarantee high-quality and lasting advertising installations.

This advantage allows fast and easy switch/change of the advertising messages. The face of the illuminated menu Cool&Hott is made from 3M™ Panagraphics™ III vinyl – the best on the market. The vinyl banner allows the light to spread evenly throughout the entire ad. One of their biggest advantages is that they allow you to create signs in various (large) sizes. If your illuminated sign or menu is larger than 70×300 cm, choose vinyl, that way you will create a much more elegant appearance of the ad.

Client:  Bar&Dinner Cool&Hott

Date:   April 2009

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Sveti Vlas