NEXT is Brokerage & Consulting Services company, situated in Sofia. They entrusted their advertising vision to Media Design. We made a metal sign for them, which stands out in style even at night, thanks to the spectacular lighting.

Illuminated metal sign with embedded letters and eccentric design

Our project for a luminous metal plate for NEXT proved that the innovative approach is always a winning strategy. The face of the advertising illuminated sign is made of metal, which has a rusty effect. Every detail is precisely laser cut, but our aesthetic solutions do not end here: the metal is sanded, varnished on top and cut so that the embedded letters with green plexiglas stand out. The created advertising product has a strong impact, as it manages to attract attention.

LED Light and fine plexiglass details

The effect due to the memorable design is achieved with built-in energy-saving LEDs G.O.Q. that illuminates both the pages and the green Plexiglas. This type of advertising has a high durability and strength. It has an excellent appearance and this quality makes it more and more attractive for customers. The sign looks good, whether you watch it up close or from a distance.

The glowing metal sign of the NEXT Brokerage office stands out with a glossy light and a safety feeling.

Client: NEXT

Date: May 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia