Velozona is a distributor of leading manufacturers of bicycles, bicycle accessories, and parts from Europe and Bulgaria. Their portfolio contains 50,000 items in stock, including established and well-known brands such as GIANT, VARAN, KROSS, LE GRAND, and others.

The management of Velozona turned to the Advertising Agency Media Design to create an attractive and eye-catching vision of the store.

Illuminated sign and illuminated columns for Velozona, Plovdiv

Our team has created an illuminated sign and illuminated columns with plexiglass and PVC film for Velozona, which will welcome the customers and at the same time emphasize the established image. The advertising products are illuminated with high-quality LED modules from a proven manufacturer – G.O.Q LED.

The use of quality materials necessarily prolongs the life of any type of advertising product. For this reason, we at Media Design Advertising Agency provide our clients with peace of mind for years to come.

Etalbond advertising products

What are the advantages of Etalbond products? Affordable price, strength, high quality, durability, and many opportunities to create an attractive advertising look. The composite panel signs are created completely in accordance with the dimensions desired by the customer, and its light construction significantly simplifies the installation.


Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia