Supermarket chain T-market has once again trusted our professionalism with the branding of their new store in Sofia – T-market Sofia Dianabad. For this purpose, we chose the best manufacturing technology – aluminum sign systems and vinyl banner 3M Panagraphic III.

Durable and lasting sign system – T-market Sofia Dianabad

The banner is applied with 3M Translucent Film for illuminated signage and G.O.Q. LED lighting. This manufacturing technology is the best one for creating corner signs. Since the materials are extremely durable and can resist bad weather conditions, humidity, and heavy rain, the sign can last from 7 to 10 years before maintenance is required.

T-market Sofia Dianabad ads are identical to all other sign created for the supermarket chain, all meant to sustain the corporate identity and to increase brand recognition. In our long-term practice, we have won the trust of the supermarket chain and can always provide high-quality outdoor advertising installations. When they open a new store, regardless of where it is, T-market chooses Media Design for the manufacture of illuminated and non-illuminated signs.

Client:  Supermarket T-market

Date:  March 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia