For almost 80 years, VON ARX has been developing in the field of industrial design and mechanical engineering. Based in Switzerland, the company develops surface polishing machines and pneumatic tools. Thanks to his many ideas, the creator Paul von Arks started from an ordinary mechanic and later became a manufacturer. He has been awarded for more than a hundred patents for which he received the prestige Mérite de l’invention medal in Brussels.

Светеща конзолна табела с винил за VON ARX

From Advertising Agency Media Design we make illuminated flexible signs and a body made entirely of aluminum. One of the main advantages of aluminum is the fact that it does not corrode. This means that it keeps its appearance unchanged for years. In addition, luminous vinyl signs are much lighter than those made of Plexiglas and have no temperature shrinkage.

During installation, the vinyl is stretched as much as possible by pinching to the aluminum profiles and this creates a perfectly smooth and even surface.

Why do I need a sign?

The sign is the best way to mark commercial properties, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. Nowadays, they are so common and widely used that no one can imagine what would be without them. Ordering the design and implementation of a sign is one of the first steps of any new business. Proven over time, this strategy has always helped to create an image and a recognizable style.

Quality you can trust

Advertising agency Media Design has many years of experience in creating advertising products. We create luminous and non-luminous signs fully consistent with the type of commercial property and the clients’ ideas. There are a few specific things you need to know about the implementation of each project because they are an important part of the successful and permanent installation of the advertising sign. In conclusion, it is safest for you to trust only proven companies in the industry.

Client:  VON ARX

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv