Illuminated sign for 24/7 store in Plovdiv

We manufactured an illuminated sign Pall Mall with aluminum sign systems for British American Tobacco, located in Plovdiv. A good way to make your store stand out is to use illuminated signage, especially when you rely on high-quality advertising materials. The sign of the 24/7 store is made from 3M™ Panagraphics™ III vinyl banner combined with 3M self-adhesive film. The vinyl allows you to create large signs with wrinkle-free printed graphics.

Illuminated signs made with aluminum systems are the perfect solution for branding because they ensure great appearance, high durability, and do not require any maintenance for a great period of time. The mounting and assembly process is fast and easy.

Client:  British American Tabacco

Date:  April 2008

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Plovdiv