Illuminated sign with LED lighting for T-market Sofia

Advertising sign with LED lighting, aluminum profiles, and vinyl banner for T-market Sofia. The illuminated outdoor sign is part of the branding of the large supermarket chain.

Every company has its own style and corporate identity, T-market is no exception. The key to lasting advertising is in the precise manufacture and usage of high-quality advertising materials. By being perfectly visible, the signs attract the attention of passers-by.

Lasting and high-quality advertisings

The illuminated sign for T-market Sofia is made with high-quality aluminum profiles. They are a guarantee for long-lasting, high-quality advertising installations – this system does not rust, which is one of the biggest problems of standard inox constructions. The aluminum sign systems do not need any additional maintenance – no painting required. Even after 5 or 10 years, the ads appear to be in a brand new condition. The biggest advantage of aluminum is that it stretches the vinyl banner perfectly.

Client:  T-market

Date:  April 2011

Warranty: 4 years

Location: Plovdiv