Client: Godzila Restaurant

Date: January 2013

Warranty: 1 year

Type: Acrylic face signs

Illumination: Luminescent lamps

City: Sofia

Illuminated signage for Food Bar Godzila, Sofia

The illuminated signage for Godzila Food Bar at gas station Petrol, located in Sofia, is made from light and easy to assemble and mount aluminum base construction. For better visibility, the advertising installation is facing the entrance of the gas station. The light aluminum construction eases the mounting process, allowing to easily assembled and dissembled. The manufacture of sings that combine Plexiglas and aluminum systems are highly suitable for businesses that require often switch/change of the advertising message.

In addition, the aluminum construction allows precise, thin and elegant assembly of the sings. This is highly important, especially when they are going to be viewed from up close. The signs for Godzila restaurant are illuminated with luminescent lamps, while the Plexiglas face is applied with 3M self-adhesive film.

Lasting, high-quality ads

The Godzila ads are made from aluminum systems that can resist exposure to a wide temperature range, heavy winds, rain, and humidity. The profiles do not rust, a quality which minimizes the maintenance needs. The acrylic face of the sing functions as a sealer and prolong the life of the ad.
Besides for outdoor ads that are being changed often, these sings are suitable for mounting on hard-to-reach spots as well. The signs with aluminum profiles are easy to maintain in case there is a problem with the illumination. That is due to their simple assembly construction. This way you will most surely save money from mounting and dismounting fees.