The law firm – Angelova offer their clients an effective problems solution by carefully considering various factors – from ever-changing regulations to changing judicial and institutional practice, and a dynamic business environment. They aim to look at different ways to solve your problems and offer you the most effective solution.

As a company that provides its clients with excellent quality services, Angelova Law Firm wanted to receive the same in the implementation of the two illuminated signs for the facade of the newly opened office in Varna. For this reason, they turned to Media Design Advertising Agency, despite the abundance of competitors.

Illuminated signs with embossed letters “sandwich” type.

The illuminated sign “Tsvetelina Angelova Lawyer” is single-sided. For the two advertising products, we created embossed letters. Made of plexiglass and stainless steel face, they are installed directly to the etalbond base.

The second sign is double-sided and, in addition to letters, contains an image of Themis – the goddess of justice, the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom in ancient Greek mythology. For production, we used stainless steel again.

We illuminated the advertising products with the Korean LEDs G.O.Q. LED because they are extremely durable and energy saving.

Embossed letters are gaining more and more popularity

Recently, embossed letters are increasingly chosen for branding offices, shops, restaurants, etc. They can be installed even by a non-professional. Directly on the wall or with spacers, the decision is entirely yours. Spectacular and eye-catching, it turns out that many companies use embossed letters as part of their marketing strategy to promote their brand.

Client: Law firm Angelova

Date:  August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Varna