Composite panel signs with embedded channel letters

Media Design Advertising Agency manufactured illuminated outdoor advertising installations for S&Z Rent a Car.

The sign is with a composite panel sign painted in red. The letters Rent a Car are made from 10 mm clear Plexiglas and black block-out film applied on the face of the letters in order to achieve side illumination. The logo is S&Z is also made from 10 mm clear Plexiglas, but in this case, we used red 3M 2230 Translucent Film, specifically designed for illuminated signage.

The sign “Застраховки” is made from composite panel applied with 3M Scotchcal 50. The illuminated channel letters “Застраховки” are made from 10 mm clear Plexiglas and 3M 3635-22 Black Blockout Film. The letters Bulins are also made from 10 mm clear Plexiglas applied with 3M 2330 Translucent Film.

Both signs are illuminated with cost-effective G.O.Q. LED lighting – Provide bright and even illumination of the advertising installations. Recommended for single and double-sided signs, channel letters, displays, and many more.

Client:  S&Z Rent a Car

Date:  April 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv