Menu with illuminated snap frames

We branded the Regatta Pavilion, located in Plovdiv, with an attractive luminous sign. Designed by Zagorka brand, the pavilion has a new, stylish look, and it is already clear what it offers. We have created a beautifully illuminated menu with six separate sectors, where the promotions of the pavilion and the main menu are placed.

The menu is constructed by 6 aluminum snap frames. Their sides are thin, which gives them an elegant and beautiful appearance, even from a closer look. The front side is made out of Plexiglas wrapped with film in order to ensure the perfect presentation of the menu. For its illumination we used high quality LED diodes manufactured by the Korean company G.O.Q. LED. Constructed like that the installation will remain the same even after its warranty expires.

The usage of aluminum systems is highly recommended for this type of projects (diners, fast food restaurants and so on). Thanks to the special technique of mounting the aluminum systems, the advertisement installation can be changed quickly, which makes them the perfect choice for our customers.

Wrapping of composite panel signs for the logo of Zagorka

The bottom part of the fast-food restaurant is wrapped with composite panel signs in green alongside the logo of Zagorka. The logo is made out of 4mm Plexiglas (opal) channel letters and is embedded in three places. The channel letters are installed with hidden LED diodes that make the logo shine in a bright white.

Zagorka’s marketing department trusted us with the design and construction of the project. All the advertisement materials used in these projects are covered with a 3-year warranty.

Client:  Zagorka

Date:  July 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv