IMIKS Silver Jewellery is a company with 20-years history in the market for silver jewelries. The modern and beautiful ornaments are manufactured in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, and Thailand, the high-quality is a guarantee. The company try to delivers to its clients jewelries, corresponding with the current season tendencies. In the stores you’ll find a wide variety from silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, medallions, and many more. The rich variety gives the clients an opportunity to always find the one they like most for them or for a gift.

At the end of the past 2019. IMIKS Silver Jewellery opened one more store in Plovdiv city. For the newly opened site in Mall Plovdiv was needed representative interior advertisement. We from Media Design took care of the branding for the store with stylish and elegant advertisements, which corresponds to the business and image of the company.

Textile signs with LED illumination fits the interior of the store

We manufactured and placed 2 illuminated signs with an aluminum profile for textiles. These types of advertising signs are extremely suitable for branding interiors of stores, for advertising of Malls, restaurants, and offices. It differentiates with elegant vision and is very attractive for the clients.

Specifically for the signs of IMIKS Silver Jewellery, we choose a finer and shallower profile to look like painting over the wall with effective plaster and additional hidden illumination. They stand out with the beautiful advertising images, textile signs with two models, introducing the jewelry with perfectly stretched canvas and perfect illumination. We choose LED modules of G.O.Q LED, which are reliable, energy-efficient, and guarantees the safe illumination of the adverts.

Client:  IMIKS Silver Jewellery

Date:  December 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv