We have successfully cooperated with Bultex 99 on many outdoor advertising projects. For years, the company has trusted us for branding all its stores and offices. For branding the newest commercial base in Plovdiv, Bultex 99 once again preferred us for the creation of illuminated and non-illuminated advertises – roof channel letters, illuminated totem, interior signs, illuminated channel letters with work clothing brands and textile lightboxes.

An elegant and representative advertise with LED interior signs

We manufactured many advertising signs with a fine aluminum profile and fabric face. All the textile lightboxes present advertises from the product range – work clothing, shoes, safety equipment and so on. The ads are mounted on columns that divide the glass facade. All the signs have high quality LED illumination to guarantee bright and even lighting. Also, the fabric that is used has an excellent light transmission, which increases illumination. The textile lightboxes of Bultex 99 fit the store interior turning into an attractive accent.

Advantages of textile signs – why choose them for your business?

The textile lightboxes are stylish and representative, created for close contact with customers. The slim profile, combined with the perfect color coverage of the advertising graphics and the excellent illumination, make the signs look like a “flat screen”. They can be embedded in niches, to be produced double-sided, and allow easy replacement of advertising visions at a favorable price. All these advantages make the textile signs widely used in the interior of different type of business – malls, banks, boutiques, restaurants and bars, and other trading sites.

Client: Bultex 99

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv