Our long-term clients T-market turned to us for the branding of one of their locations, this time in Karnobat. We manufactured two illuminated signs, mounted on both entrances of the store, and a totem with the logo mounted on the parking lot. The identical branding of all locations is meant to establish the brand and increase its recognition on the market.

T-market Karbonat with new illuminated signs

For the sign of T-market Karnobat, we used aluminum sign systems and 3M Panagraphics III vinyl banner. The logo is made from 3M Scotchcal Translucent film, designed for illuminated signage. The Korean G.O.Q. LED modules provide alluring illumination effect. They ensure bright, even, and energy efficient illumination of the advertising installations for many years ahead.

Illuminating totem T-market marks the location of the store

The T-market totem in Karnobat is constructed in a similar way to the signs. For the base, we used aluminum sing system and a vinyl banner on which we applied 3M translucent film. To achieve bright and even illumination, such as one of the signs, we used G.O.Q. LED modules. The totem itself was mounted on a solid metal construction that guarantees stability and is highly resistant to impact, bad weather conditions, heavy winds, and humidity. The illuminated totems provide better brand recognition.

Assembled like that, both ads guarantee not only high-quality of the ad and brand recognition but also long-term durability of the installation.

Client:  T-Market

Date:  March 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Karnobat