Client: IMI Bulgaria

Date: March 2017

Warranty: 3 years



Illumination: G.O.Q. LED

City: Botevgrad

Media Design manufactured lasting totem for IMI Bulgaria

Sign making company Media Design manufactured an illuminated totem for Integrated Micro-Electronics Bulgaria Inc. (IMI Bulgaria), located in Botevgrad. IMI Bulgaria is a leading company in the manufacture of electronic modules designed for the automotive industry. The Bulgarian branch was founded 20 years ago and holds leading positions in its field.

Brand awareness is highly important for every company, that is why we designed the totem in the colors of IMI Bulgaria’s logo – red, grey, and black with a white background. Thus, we created maximum visibility of the logo.

We mounted the double-sided totem on special metal construction. The entire totem is made from etalbond. This material provides additional stability of the ad as well as high resistance in bad weather conditions, heavy winds, and humidity. It also allows easy mounting of different outdoor ads.
On the red etalbond, we placed the second piece in white color from the same material that has the logo and the name of the firm mounted on its surface. The embossed letters are 10mm thick and are applied with 3M translucent film.

To increase the effectiveness of the ad, we used high-quality G.O.Q. LED modules. The illuminated ad ensures better brand recognition and 24-hour visibility.