For the grand opening of the new pastry store of Cakes Chochko we developed incredible vintage letters with halo lightning. The whole interior design was influenced by architectural trends callled art deco and art Nouveau. Its natural continuation is the advertising letters on the facade of the building.

Vintage letters from patinated brass

In order to achieve the requirements of the designers we manufactured a whole new inscriptions from brass. After a couple of days working like “laboratory exercisers” and tests with different chemicals we achieved patinated letters in a color that correspond to the high criteria. The combination from the base color of the brass, brown and slightly red patina creates nice experience for boutique retro design.

The illumination with high class LED modules with warm light further enhances the feeling for coziness and intimate atmosphere.

The fully 3 year warranty, the high quality of the used materials for the advertisement and banner makes this type of ads preferred by our clients.

Client:  Cakes Chochko

Date:  May 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv