Interior channel letters – Kyashif

KYASHIF is a fast growing and innovative company that is specialized in design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. They are continuously improving and investing in new equipment and technologies. They contacted us for the creation of new, modern and stylish vision of their office. To complete the overall vision of the building we made an interior sign with inox letters.

The depth effect

The letters were mounted with distance holders that provide a distance between them and the surface on they are mounted. This creates a depth effect. The first of them was mounted on a wooden board and you can clearly see how the shadow of the letters is outlined. That makes the optical illusion of more volume. The second installing was extremely complex to do and a real challenge. The interior letters had to be placed on a granite slab. There was a possibility of cracking. This task required a real precision. Thanks to our team of professionals, the result is more than good.

Channel inox letters – prestige and quality

To create the needed size, the front side of the inox letters were cut with laser from stainless steel. For this project we mounted the letters at a distance from the wall but depending on size and weight they can be also mounted directly on a wall or on a pedestal.

We used stainless standoffs so we are sure they are firmly standing. The inox letters and suitable for both interior and outdoor. They are perfect addition to the modern offices.

Channel inox letters are investition which is very stylish and effective. They can last more than 20 years so their durability is extremely long,

Клиент:  Kyashif

Дата:  Август 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Град: Джебел