The administration from Uni Hospital in Panagyurishte turned to advertising agency Media Design for manufacturing the perfect interior and exterior visual composition for visitors and medics.

Hospital for active treatment “Uni Hospital” is located at city Panagyurishte. The city is in the center of The April Uprising of 1876. In Panagyurishte is also founded the world famous “Panagyurishte treasure”, 9 cups, developed so perfectly and precisely. The phial from the famous Panagyurishte Treasure inspired the graphical element of the logo at “Uni Hospital” which symbolize all-day care for it’s patients.

Today the hospital is equipped with over 300 beds and at it works over 600 people – medical and non-medical staff. At 2019 the hospital receives two medical awards – for investment’s and special thanks from patients.

Interior signage makes it easy searching medical cabinets and saves time

Placing high-quality interior signage’s in the hospital for active healing, facilitates the stay of customers. The visitors can easily find what they’re looking for which contributes to the easy external and internal non-verbal communication. On the cabinets doors we have mounted small signs with big readable letters. Placing that kind of type letters, information signs and inscriptions is extremely important for every medical facility. They are also translated on English, so people from other countries can also find what they’re looking for.

Choosing the right place to be placed, also have an important role. Our cooperation work with “Uni Hospital” Panagyurishte, helped us in choosing the right place to mount our signs and lettering. The complete visual communication and the quality branding of the medical facility helps visitors to avoid the unpleasant wandering around and getting lost in the corridors.

Visual communication helps patients, medical staff and visitors

For the help of our patients we placed a dashboard, that contains information for all cabinets on the floor. Next to them we mounted a sign that show the current floor. Then, you can fast and easy find where you need to go, because the information for all medical cabinets is right in front of you.

In order to show the Uni Hospital logo we used embossed channel letters from stainless steel. They look elegant and perfectly stands out the logo of the hospital.

Client:  Uni Hospital

Date:  May 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Panagyurishte