Channel letters Stani 89 – ALURAPID system, acryl and LED

The production base of the company Stani 89 changed its facade with the stylish channel letters made by Media Design Advertising agency. We produced two advertising signs Stani 89, which we mounted on a sturdy metal structure. The channel letters are with Alurapid returns and acrylic face – a stable and robust lettering system. A blue translucent 3M film is applied to the face without changing the illumination. The letters are meet all requirements and standards for the production of signage and information products, which guarantees high quality and durability.

The specificity in this project is the way the illuminated letters that are placed on both sides of a triangular-shaped structure. When viewing the sign from one direction, only one of the signages is visible (on the left is the name of the company in Latin and on the right in Cyrillic). With central observation of Stani 89 bright sign, both signages are visible. These channel letters are useful for advertising in both Bulgarian and English.

The channel letters are illuminated with LED modules G.O.Q. LED – the world’s leading brand in this industry. With them, the illuminated channel letters for Stanni 89 are fully reliable and safe and guarantee a long ad life with minimal support.

Client:  Stanni 89

Date:  Август 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv