Considerable electricity savings with led modules for Granit M oil station

We manufactured installed all outdoor advertising products for Granit M Radnevo oil station. The complete branding includes illuminated totems Entrance/Exit, illuminated advertising totem with logos and fuel information, illuminated flexible face sign Minimarket, Illuminated 3M Panagraphics III flexible substrate frieze, illuminated spreaders with the flexible substrate and cuts the film.

By installing LED modules G.O.Q. LED, Granit M Radnevo oil station has significantly decreased its electricity consumption. All illuminated advertising elements are especially efficient in electricity economization.

A medium-sized oil station with a 300-400 sq.m. visor has between 50 and 100 sq.m. illuminated frieze. In this case, Granit M Radnevo oil station frieze is 42 sq.m., which, if illuminated with luminescent lamps, would consume 10 kW. When these lamps were replaced with LED lamps, total consumption drops to 1.4 kW. The LED modules guarantee energy savings of at least 80%  which makes them the only alternative to illuminating oil stations

The 3-year warranty and expected life cycle of LED modules of 10-12 years practically double the economy, saving extra money for changing lamps and maintenance services.

Client:  Granit Radnevo

Date:  August 2005 – luminescent lamps installation
January 2011 –
replacing the lamps with led modules

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Radnevo