We manufactured letters from comatex with thickness of just 24mm for the new building of company Kykov Ko. The storage is located on the ring-road of Plovdiv at the turn for village Radinovo. With the combination ofbig and small letters, mounted on a aluminum construction, we can see them from a far.

Comatex letters

The foam from the PVC is light and easy for working material. With it, it can be developed different types embossed letters – interior and exterior. It’s color is always white. We use paint or film from 3M in order to color the letters. It is very long lasting and it looks beautiful – the film for wrapping automobiles 3M 2080. With it it’s possible to illustrate fake scratched aluminum/inox, chameleon colors, deep black mat and many others combinations. It’s longevity allow long-lasting life of the letters from comatex. It’s sides are colored with acrylic paint.

Letters from comatex are mounted on an light and strong aluminum construction, which is then mounted on the facade.

Client:  Kykov Ko

Date:  December 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv