Socotab is an American company that is one of the world’s leading oriental tobacco traders. The company entered the Bulgarian market in 1972, and its main business in Bulgaria is the purchase and processing of tobacco leaves.

Channel letters type “sandwich” for Socotab

The American company Socotab opened its new office in the village Radinovo, Maritsa municipality back in 2005. They turned to the Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of outdoor advertising – a non-illuminated channel letters “sandwich”.

The embossed letters are made of specially bonded PVC panels and are coated with 3M Scotchcal 50 film in blue. They are very large in size 2.50m x 17.00m, which in combination with the high mounting height further complicates their execution.

The non-illuminated letters are mounted on the facade with aluminum standoffs and stainless steel fasteners. Mounting at an altitude of 18 meters is done with the aerial platforms in heavy winter weather conditions. The huge Socotab letters, measuring 2.50×2.00 meters each, are a challenge for every installation. Combined with high altitude and bad meteorological conditions, the task becomes almost impossible. We used our specially developed technique to precisely position each letter of the inscription. This is usually one of the most difficult tasks in the assembly of channel letters.

Extremely durable channel letters Socotab

Despite the fact that it has been more than 10 years since the installation of the embossed letters, they are still in very good condition and look great. They are mounted at an altitude of 18 meters, on one of the windiest places in the Thracian Valley. The specific technology for PVC panel gluing guarantees the strength of the sign.

Client:  Socotab

Date:  November 2005

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Radinovo