For the project “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019”, the logo with the channel letters “TOGETHER” sign has been created to make the city or more precisely the Main Street in Plovdiv more beautiful place.

How did we make the channel letters TOGETHER?

For us, it is a privilege and a pleasure to create channel letters TOGETHER for our hometown. In our joint project with the Municipality of Plovdiv, we have put a lot of desire, motivation, and creativity. We took a close look at all the details so that we can make the letters in the best possible way – they are both sturdy and extremely attractive.

The channel letters TOGETHER are entirely made of mirror stainless steel (inox). Each letter has a reinforced structure to withstand pressure. To make the inox letters TOGETHER in colors that match their logo, we used a special colored coverage. It does not change the mirror effect of the metal and preserves their original vision. The other important step of the work is the foundation for the letters Together. We created an extremely strong foundation that can support the weight of the letters as well as those who want to take pictures of it. It is also made of stainless steel with a mirror effect, and each letter being firmly attached to it.

We used an interesting technique for the illumination of the signage which is cut into the foundation. On the signage, we have applied a perforated day/night film for a more attractive look. Their special effect is that the channel letters are white at night and black during the day. The illumination of Plovdiv 2019 is built into the foundation. Of course, we have used LED modules of the proven leader in the G.O.Q. LED to ensure the safety and durability of the product.

The channel letters TOGETHER have become a symbol of the city

For a few months TOGETHER letters have become the most socially shared architectural element of Plovdiv. Photos with the logo Plovdiv TOGETHER 2019 on the stairs of Kamenitsa have been shared by locals and foreigners who visited our city. Gradually the letters turn into a recognizable symbol of the city of Plovdiv.

Client:  Plovdiv Municipality

Date:  November 2016

Warranty: 1 year

Location: Plovdiv