Sidewalk stands are widely used as signposts or information boards for restaurants, shops, banks, offices, and administrative buildings, and more. They are placed near the entrance of the site to help better customer orientation. Often in large buildings, with many corridors and floors, metal signs on a stand are a great guide for visitors, indicating the direction of the desired location. The high durability and strength, the light and easy to move construction, and attractive appearance make them preferred by customers for both indoor and outdoor use.

An elegant sign on a stand with a metal frame points to the office of a notary.

Notary Desislava Kirilova – Zaykova asked us to make a sign on a donkey stand on an individual project. The signboard had to meet certain requirements in terms of colors and sizes. Because the sign will stand in the lobby, it had to take up minimal space and be stable at the same time.

According to all these conditions, we made the product with a light metal construction (stand) in dark gray color. With the help of stylish leather holders, a gray etalbond sign with the inscription “NOTARY” and an arrow is hung on the stand. The inscriptions are made of cut foil in orange and black, which contrasts perfectly with the gray base.

The result is an elegant sign that fits into the interior of the building and successfully directs the notary’s clients.

Client: Notary Desislava Kirilova – Zaykova

Date: September 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Asenovgrad