A mini vehicle with a print of a big cat

The leopard texture is back in style!

Even for vehicles. With its attractive and unique look, the Mini Cooper definitely attracts the attention of passers-by. The roof and the rearview mirrors are wrapped with a self-adhesive film with a leopard print, while on the hood, we applied black stripes. Thus, the Mini Cooper resemblance the elegance and the aggressive look of a wild animal. The leopard design reveals the hidden power of the automobile.

Yes!.. to unique and attractive looks

Unique ideas stand out.

High speed and tuning lovers are one of the biggest fans of the self-adhesive automotive film. The unique and one of a kind design can transform the vehicle completely. A digital print film with a leopard print contributes to the golden and fierce look of the car, while discretely reminding of the horsepowers of the engine hidden in the car.

Client:  Private

Date:  Август 2018

Warranty: 2 years

Location:  Plovdiv