It was a great pleasure for Media Design to produce and install non-illuminated channel letters and the logo of Sweet Way company. For more than two decades the company has been producing sweets and biscuits. In 2006 Sweet Way won an award for its cake bars “Sweet way” at the International Fair Plovdiv. A year later the company was awarded for its cake layers too. Sweet Way continues to improve its quality products and expands its distribution throughout Bulgaria and abroad.

Non-illuminated channel letters “sandwich” for Sweet Way

Channel letters „sandwich“ are made of at least two kinds of materials combining their different characteristics to provide more attractive advertising product. The lettering Sweet Way was made of white PVC and red acrylic on the front side. The logo were produced in the same technology but on the face was applied 3М Scotchcal IJ35 Film with printed graphics.

The lettering and logo were mounted at a distance from the wall using standoffs..

The advantages and properties of embossed letters

Embossed channel letters are both durable and elegant. They can be used indoor and outdoor at different types of places: stores, warehouses, hotels, and more. The client can choose between many color variants.

Client:  Sweet Way

Date:  October 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Parvomay