Climacom is the official representative for Bulgaria of the Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment System. For more than 20 years, Climacom has been offering the highest technologies in the field of air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment under the Mitsubishi Electric brand, both for the home and for large-scale projects. Climacom’s corporate motto is “Change for the better”, which speaks for itself about the company’s commitment to growth and development. The company entrusted us with the complete branding of their newly opened showroom.

Illuminated flexible face signs

We created two illuminated flexible face signs – Mitsubishi Electric and ClimaCom and mounted them on the facade of the building. The overall construction and all supporting columns are made of aluminum. The material does not corrode, which is one of the reasons it maintains its good appearance for years. The combination of a solid body, quality vinyl, and durable and economical LED modules is the secret to the success of a vinyl advertisement.

Stainless steel letters and logo – Mitsubishi

Stainless steel letters (inox) are elegant and fine. Extremely suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. Our experienced professionals created Mitsubishi letters and the company logo from stainless steel. The finished look of the advertising product completely fits into the interior of the showroom.

Red acrylic letters – ClimaCom

One of the most popular types of advertising is acrylic channel letters. The material is flexible, affordable, and fits in any type of building and office. Advertising agency Media Design has a specialized workshop for acryl and PVC processing, which performs the entire process of production of the channel letters.

Roll banners and PVC figures with the Mitsubishi logo

In the showroom windows, we placed three free-standing roll banners ClimaCom and Mitsubishi. The design included images of geishas as a compliment to Japanese culture. Our patented system of aluminum profiles that we use allows easy and quick change of your advertising vision.

As a final finish, we made PVC figures with the Mitsubishi logo and covered them with the red film. The decoration emphasized the festive mood and blended perfectly with the decor.

Client:  Climacom

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv