offers custom delivery of new and used cars from Germany with guaranteed origin and verified technical condition. The interesting thing about them is that is also possible a barter. The company trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for the branding of their newly opened showroom in Plovdiv.

Interior letters made of 19mm PVC

Non-illuminated PVC interior letters are suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. For we used 19 mm black PVC.

The letters produced by Media Design Advertising Agency are self-adhesive products. They can be easily installed, even by non-professionals. They are installed directly on the wall, thanks to a strong and durable double-sided adhesive tape. Because we care about quality, when choosing specialized double-sided adhesive sheets we trust 3M – the leader in the field of adhesive materials. This type of double-sided adhesive is resistant to high temperatures, and this allows it to be cut with a laser together with the letter material itself.

For the showroom of Autohaus. bg was made inscriptions Welcome, Showroom Cafe bar, and Auto Spa in black. The other inscription indicating the parking lot is white to contrast with the base.

There are no restrictions for high quality

You have an unlimited opportunity to present your business in the most appropriate light. The 3M film, with which the embossed channel letters are wrapped, is available in a wide range of colors with different effects. Media Design Advertising agency is a 3M authorized manufacturer and the letters also have a 3M MCS warranty.